atomical (video game)

Atomically puzzling fun for everyone!

Have fun making colourful molecules;

… against the clock in frantic Time Attack!

… or take it easy and relax in Score Attack.

timeattack-device-2016-01-21-182346 mainmenu-device-2016-01-21-182006 score-attack-device-2016-01-21-181915
Atomical is our first game and a fun bite-size piece of joy! Players create molecules by dragging atoms from the bottom of the screen onto the game board. Atoms have electrons floating around them; when two atoms are placed next to each other, electrons will connect the atoms to form molecules – when all electrons in a molecule turn blue, the molecule will dissolve.

Points are awarded for molecule complexity – and look out for the different colour atoms – green (low points), blue, yellow, brown, purple and red (high points).

Atomical will be available on iOS and Android – we look forward to seeing you on the leaderboards!



  • Time Attack mode to test your speed of thought and physical agility!
  • Score Attack mode for more relaxing, puzzling fun.
  • Achievements and Leaderboards (iOS Game Center and Google Play).
  • 4 game boards – 3 preset and 1 dynamic!
  • Relaxing music.
  • Simple to learn, great fun to master!
  • Training mode
  • Colourful HD graphics.
  • For smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).
Thank you 🙂